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Tribine of the People

The Tribine is a galaxy class colony ship created to save humanity. No one knows for sure but somewhere btwn 10-100 of these ships were created and launched. Each ship is around 10km long and designed by the greatest human minds ever known. They were designed to survive 10,000 of years in deep space, arrive in an unknown galaxy and give humans a fighting chance at surviving.

Humans long ago figured out how to upload the ego to a computer and resleeve into a vast array of different bodies. The colony ship is not filled with millions of meat-cicles. It is the most advanced auto-replicating, self-repairing, resource transport ever created. 1 billions humans are saved in stacks, waiting to be resleeved on a new home world. Waking crew at any give time was less than 1000. Duty shifts were 20 years then 20 years R&R then cold sleep until needed. 99.9% of the crew was stored in cold sleep – sold state storage. The last memory they had was being uploaded and saved. The expect to be awakened on a new home world with the full functioning city pre-build for them.

The Tribune survived it journey, only to break apart in the atmosphere of its new home.


The following are the key factions related to the campaign.

Original Launch Factions

Techno Neck-Beards
Space Miners

Tribune Factions
Jer Lords
Deep Spacers

Planet Factions
Terran Dogs
Outpost A46-01

Planets & Solar bodies
Andromeda 1164-A
Wipe Automated Rezque – WAR

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Main Page

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