Deep Spacers

H: -1
R: 2
I: 0

*Home is a vast open space
*No, it is okay, we’d rather live outside the airlock
*Don’t touch me!

The Deep Spacers are a small faction that arose on the Tribunes epic voyage. It is thought that the first members were crew that found EVA maintenance to be more than just work. They loved it and found themselves feeling completely at home outside the giant colony ship. Over the generations, semi-secret nodes (living/trading) centers were built on the outside of the great ship and a new semi-secret society evolved. Their numbers were few and while not an actively kept secret, because of the reclusive nature and small #s, very few know of their existence.

The new organizations that knew of the Deep Spaces were aware for two key points:
*They maintained, repaired and serviced everything on the outside of the ship
*They were just about the only organized group that had any influence on the outside of the ship.

This made then a very useful resource for anyone smuggling goods and involved in espionage.

Highly xenophobic, the Deep Spacers pretty much want to be left alone to do their own thing. They are willing to trade and interact with trusted members from the outside. There is generally a designated Comm for any group (groups rarely exceed 4-5 individuals).

Most law enforcement agencies classify the Deep Spaces as a low level criminal gang due to the reported involvement in smuggling operations.

Deep Spacers

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