The Tribune of the People left the Milky Way on an exodus to saved humankind. Every human world that could fielded a colony ship for the journey. Those left behind died – the power to launch these massive colony ships came from the stars….as each ship launched, it consumed the star of its home world.

Countless ages passed on the ship, generations lived and died while the ship made its crossing. Factions gained and lost power. Amazingly the journey was poised on the brink of success. The destination plant was located. It was a rich habitable world with no native tech using population.

Something went wrong….

The Tribune started to break apart in high orbit. Emergency protocols were followed and all the cargo was distributed across the face of the planet.

A ship, with fail safes for the fail safes for the fail safes. Designed by the greatest mind the human race ever produced,to travel between galaxies, makes it all the way to a habitable planet, only the break apart in the upper atmosphere.

Something is amiss…..

Tribune of the People

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